Sunshine Ghetto

Compiled from numerous photos I’ve taken of local graffiti and a nearby apartment project.

SUNSHINE GHETTO – photo collage, acrylic on canvas – 30x50cm


Most of this piece is acrylic with layers of photo transfers placed over several areas.

espinosa-art_headbrain-city-crop          espinosa-art_mixed-media_headbrain-city-2

Years ago I snapped some black and white photos of random pages in a physics textbook that I found in a recycling bin. These images worked well as I sought to complete Headbrain City.


Out of the Night

Inspired by late night (or early morning) walks through Tokyo streets. The day/night distinction can sometimes become blurred in the neon chaos of this city…

OUT OF THE NIGHT – photo collage, acrylic & graphite on canvas – 30x50cm